Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie

My First Post for Tuesday's with Dorie...thankfully they decided to give a pass and I didn't have to do the Creme Brulee that was assigned. I decided to go with the Orange Berry Muffins from page 3 because my kids are on a huge blueberry kick right now and it seemed like nice timing. I have been working hard on "eating clean" and unfortunately it seems like everything I want to bake doesn't fall into this category. That being said...I adjusted the recipe just a bit and used whole wheat flour and xylitol instead of sugar. I kept everything else the same. I suppose I could have also used egg beaters but I was out. I did think these muffins smelled delicious baking. My nose has become so sensitive to smells lately and this was a nice one. After 10 min of baking you add the sugar to top it off and I went with a blue sugar to accent the blueberries. End result was nice but a little dry...probably due to the whole wheat flour instead of all purpose. The kids liked but didn't rave...also most likely a flour issue. I liked these muffins and I am taking some to the neighbors for 'review'. Here are a few pics. I didn't get as many good pictures as I would like because I ran out of time. Notice a pattern???? All in all I am stoaked about the first TWD post and hope that I can do better next week.


Rebecca said...

Awesome! Welcome to TWD. I love the blue sugar on these muffins. I've been thinking about putting a blue meringue on an orange pie. Why not?

Dana Thomas said...

Your blog is simply delightful. I love your pictures and your commentary is quite entertaining. Please keep up the good work.