Monday, September 15, 2008

Perfect Days

I know that sometimes I tend to forget how wonderful life can be and is. I have a kidney disease and mine failed at the ripe age of 21...I am in remission after many years of struggle and putting everyone I love through hell. Steroids are the devil!! But today as I was taking pictures of my 'creation' and had my baby being the 'assistant' of the day I just sat back and inhaled. Life is Good. I could never ask for more than what I have now. The only thing missing is Chris but we will be together soon. Anyways...I had the most fun taking these pictures. And then to top the day off Lexi cooked dinner with me. It was so much fun. Again...a perfect day. Take time to inhale, smell the life around you, and smile. And have a cupcake to end the day if you can!

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