Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peach-Basil Sangria

I am trying to come up with a catchy title for this little baby. I will tell you this.. of course I want your votes DUH.. but this cupcake is freakin' awesome. it is moist...and very delicious. The filling is so smooth and tastes is made with the homemade sangria which i came up with on my own (yes you can be shocked!) and I made it with the peaches from my tree out back. Martha would be proud! And of course the basil. I have now become so familiar with the scent of basil I can i.d. it at the store. It's a nice smell. I have always associated basil with spaghetti but I have been wrong. This cupcake has to be one of my favs. The icing has Grand Marnier in it... which on a side note I almost didn't get to purchase because the cashier at Walgreens thought I had a fake ID. Needless to say you have to try the recipe. I will post as soon as I can come up with a catchy...sweet peach sangria basil grand mariner cuppie!
Is that too Long??

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aubrey said...

This is a very impressive cupcake, everything about it sounds marvelous. I love Sangria, but I never would have even thought to try this. Good job!