Thursday, February 10, 2011


So sometimes I feel like I have made big mistakes and other times I just think... "huh, maybe I could have done that better" I have been on a hiatus for the last year and looking back I realize I made a mistake. I am working more than full time in a rural ER and I am loving it but it also breaks my heart because many of the things I was passionate about fell through my cracks. I have seen less of my home, kids, and husband and have been baking even less than that!! For that I am sad.
Chris was injured more than two years ago in Iraq and this injury did more damage to our family than I ever thought possible. We have been through the ringer.. again. But we also have come out stronger than before. Our children are the strongest most resilient children around and they have spirit beyond measure. I am blessed to have them at my side and in my heart. I am also more than blessed to have a husband that would do anything to take care of me.
For all the mistakes I have made I am sorry (Chris, Bailey, and Lexi this is for you) and although my stubbornness can be a strong quality it can also make it difficult for everyone around me. I will be a better girl, mama, nurse, and for this place.... baker and blogger.
I am back. ;0)

xoxo Torture~ess