Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lost Time and Recipes

Blueberry Basil Sour Cream Cuppie

Well...I wanted desperately to get another entry into the Iron Cupcake Challenge so Thursday before the deadline I crammed...and I thought I could get it all done. I was wrong. But I got some awesome photos and a really tasty cupcake. Although my kids loved the sangria one and this one....they took the blueberries out and ate around them with the occasional wrinkling of the nose due to the "green stuff". I wanted to post the recipe I adapted but I lost it in all the madness. Thursday night was also my nieces' birthday so I spent the majority of Wednesday night and all day Thursday working on the goodies for her big day. I will post the cake and accessories soon. I hope you get a chance to check out the cupcakes for the challenge this month at
There are some really cool ones. MINE OF COURSE IS THE BEST BUT WHO AM I TO JUDGE....

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