Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am so new at this and I will say that I have enjoyed it ALL!

I get much of my self worth from others .... sad huh! I totally love when someone eats my food and gets that look on their face like they can't believe I made that. This cupcake experiment has been wonderful for me. I have gained some confidence in knowing that I can do something that I originally thought I wouldn't succeed at. I unveiled my cupcakes at my mom's birthday party and they loved them. I hope that it wasn't just lip service. I enjoy them...enough to keep eating them when I shouldn't. It has also let me experiment more with my photography. I love taking pictures and now I can cook and take pictures of them...and then hope someone will eat the overabundance I have the way.. if anyone has a recipe for like 4 cupcakes...please send to me.

I have also continued with my love affair with Halloween. I will post more about that on my personal blog. This has to be the best time of year for me. The only thing missing is my husband Chris.

Here is a PREVIEW of my basil cupcake...she still needs a catchy name.

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