Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TWD: Carmel Crunch Bars

Carmel Crunch Bars

This weeks Tuesday post is from Whitney of What's on the table. You can get the entire recipe on her site here

These Bars were easy. If you want simple quick bars these are it. First you make the shortbread layer, bake it, and then top with chocolate of your choice. The options were semi or milk chocolate and I choose milk chocolate because I think it complements the toffee well. Chris doesn't like toffee so I did half with toffee and the other half with mini M&M's. The M&M's are semi sweet so they weren't overpowering. 

First day Chris liked them a lot but after they rested overnight he could taste the espresso and he doesn't like coffee so they became give away bars. The kids still enjoyed them so don't be shy on day two if you don't like coffee ( he is tender about that flavor ). 

I will make these again, I think next time I will use semi sweet chocolate in the batter and white chocolate and almonds on top. Wow! getting hungry already.


pinkstripes said...

I love the M&Ms. I'm glad you liked them. I thought they were wonderful.

Pollyanna said...

Ooh white chocolate and almonds on top would be lovely! I love how you used M&M's. I wonder if that would have made my son like them?

Megan said...

Loving the m&m's on top - what a great idea for the kids!

Gabe's Girl said...

These bars are so pretty and festive looking!