Friday, February 13, 2009

Growing Pains (mine)

Tooth Fairy is Coming!

Alexis pulled out tooth #5 yesterday morning. I guess as she ages I get more and more emotional over it because I know this is "The Last Time" for lots of things as far as my mothering goes. I hate when kids start getting grown up teeth because it gives their face a more grown up appearance and I am for sure not ready for it. But as things go with my baby.... she woke me up yesterday morning and says "Mom, my tooth is ready to come out."  I, of course trying to avoid all conversation regarding anything aging related, said, "I bet it isn't ready just yet babe." And then turned and looked at a girl standing there completely confused because her tooth was basically hanging there. And then it hit me... I had been avoiding it so I truly did not think it was time yet. I was wrong (again) so we went downstairs and I let her pull it. She did it all by herself! And as she fought back tears of did I. My pain is much different than hers however. I will never get #5 back. But as I am saddened over my alleged losses I am also so proud and happy she is growing up too. I can't imagine I more fun ride than being a mom to my kids. So here are the dirty details.... In picture form of course.

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