Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Floating Islands

What the hell...I didn't make the island

So the recipe this week was for Floating Islands chosen by Shari at Whisk: a food blog. And while initially I was excited about making this one it ended up sucking ass for me. I did the custard the first time around and didn't temper my eggs rights so there went half a dozen yolks down the drain, and Chris was already tired of egg whites for breakfast. But with the thought of doing it again, I went out in the freezing wind, got another dozen eggs and went at it again. And lets just say this.... I HATE CUSTARD. It came out the way it was intended second time around and tastes the way I think it is supposed to but I don't like it. So...that being said and with 3 papers due Sunday, one of which I haven't even began to research, I skipped making the "Islands" and just went straight the caramel. I do love caramel so that was good and I wanted a happy ending to this one. I was telling Chris that while I have enjoyed baking with Dorie...Dorie is out of my league so to speak. I think I need like baking 101. I am not giving up yet....Devil's Food Cake is up next and who can not want that. Here are some pics. Sorry guys....Next week promises to be better.


pinkstripes said...

Oh, I think you made the best parts of the recipe. It looks great.

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

You made two-thirds of the recipe! Good luck on your exams!

TeaLady said...

The creme and the caramel were the best parts. So you made 2 out of 3. Hang in there. Good luck on your papers.