Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Princess Continues to Recieve husbands birthday is next week and we, once again, we be celebrating solo. This has been a common thread throughout our lives together. When I was nursing and he was a cop we were always on opposite shifts so we could be with the kids and not have to have babysitters. A sacrifice we both agreed to. Much like what we are facing now. We haven't spent a Christmas together in 6 years...this year we finally get to. He is coming home a week before Christmas and I can't tell you how excited I already am. Back to my original thought ( I can quickly get off track even in writing I guess ) for Chris' birthday he couldn't think of anything he wanted/needed that he could have in Iraq so he thought and thought and came up with asking for a bread maker. Now...Ladies reading this... Is this not equivalent to a woman asking for a gun to have at home while they are away that the husband can keep "safe" for you until you need it. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am the luckiest lady alive to have a husband that would ask for a gift that is really for me and not him on his birthday. Now..he knows I will be making tons of bread and sending it to him with high hopes of little mold (hasn't worked so far) but I was once again amazed by how generous my soul mate is. I know that some people go through life with others that they tolerate or love some but could live without or just exist together because they have kids or a mortgage or just don't want to be alone. I am not this girl...I have found something that people search and search their whole life for. We were made for each other. I am so lucky. the long winded post continues I want to say thanks so much to my mother in law who got the bitchin' bread maker; it's so cool! Cuisinart Baby! And it's a beautiful stainless steel. My mother in law has always rocked at gift giving. And a big kiss to Chris who follows my blog religiously mostly for a good laugh I'm sure. I wished I was with him on this approaching big day...wish we were on a beach with one of those fancy umbrella drinks and a freakn' huge ass cupcake with cool whip on the side (this would not be used for the cupcake )

Maybe next year.....

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