Friday, October 31, 2008

The Day is HERE!!

Halloween '08
I am such a Halloween buff. My house has been decked out since early September and I love this day. It is so much fun to me and I have passed this on to my kids. As I was home baking some awesome treats, and some tricks too, I was IM'd by a friend who said that she doesn't celebrate Halloween because her boyfriend believes its "The Devil's Holiday"... and she has small children! Now I try to be open minded and not post here some of my beliefs because it's not about that; it's about my baking and pictures but I just couldn't help it with one. First when did all celebrations or holidays have to be religiously based? And what is wrong with good wholesome kids love dressing up and being something they are not and getting to go door to door late at night and running and playing in the neighborhood and it's all allowed. We never discuss evil spirits ect it's just about the fun. And I thought too, well maybe it's about the candy but you know what if people were handing out freakn' rocks I would still do it and then compare size and colors to my friends. So..without sounding too upity... Get out there today and have a DAMN blast..And learn to relax, smell the crisp fall air, listen to the kids laughing, look at their genuine smiles, and have some chocolate. That's my plan for the evening!!! Especially the chocolate part :)

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