Saturday, October 4, 2008

Carnival Goodies

The kids had their school carnival last night. I spent the majority of the evening before baking. I say "evening" and what I mean is until 4:30 in them damn morning. Of course I have begun to love the new coffee I bought from World Market. ( I should say's gone ) I have found that baking is my meth...If I start cooking I can stay up and do it all without noticing the time passing and I feel so high. It is so much fun. Lame huh. I don't think that people who get the endorphin release from this kind of thing like I do understand. Same way I don't understand things like computer gaming or Xbox huh. To each his own. But I 'owned' the goodies last night. It was a blast. I had people asking for business cards ect which was exactly what I wanted. My dream is to get a bakery started but fear is a big one to contend with in this decision. I honestly can't think of something more fun though.
These were a few of the pretzels I made. I used a mold from Hobby Lobby and had it not been 2 am when I started these babies I think they would've been more professional looking. The funny thing was the smell of the pretzels was so strong I felt like I could have eaten the entire sack. I think for Halloween I will start working on them a bit earlier and use 'food paint' instead of trying to do two toned chocolate like I did here. That way I can get a more finished look and use more colors.
And by the way....since when did we get so freaking uptight that kids can't even dress up in costumes for a fall carnival. I know that 'scary' stuff is out there but if the schools simply said no to that and made the parents follow the rules then what is the big deal with a first grader dressing up like a mermaid and going to a carnival? I will never understand why so many people get uptight over Halloween. Yes...I have the history ect but come on...Fun is to be had. If we would simply allow ourselves to just be more open minded and responsible I think lots of things would be different. Matter of opinion...mostly because I love Halloween so much!!!!

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