Monday, October 27, 2008


Cranberry is the theme for November's Cupcake Challenge. Seems quite appropriate given the time of year. I am undecided on if I am going to participate this month. Seem to be in a bit of a "rut" as my husband says. I have decided to maybe just relax a bit and reevaluate my priorities. Sometimes passion takes a backseat to responsibility right??? Needless to say, growing up my family never incorporated cranberry into our Thanksgiving mom always made starches and fats...we had the tendency to avoid any fruits. Well..there is the fruit salad with creamy cool whip but i think that was usually it. I have avoided many new "flavors" in my life due to my upbringing but I am more comfortable branching out now that I am older. The first time I ever had pumpkin pie was last year when I decided that the recipe on the can was lame and I challenged my sister to a 'bake off'. This was my first taste of food competition... No one would commit of course to the better flavored pie but I will post mine and you can make it and see for yourself as it was the recipe that converted me and in fact made pumpkin one on my "treat" flavors and when I was debating my birthday cake choices this was number 2 only under ice cream cake. I opted for the ice cream cake because I didn't want to make it myself...lazy huh! Anyways...I was planning on making a quick post and I got long winded again... I will see how things go but as of now....Cranberry is a thought and not an action ( yet )

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