Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Bark

Halloween is Coming!
I am such a Halloween dork....I love it so much. I have found the colors and smells and everything involved makes me happy. I have passed this gene to my babies and we are getting ready for the big day. I wished I lived somewhere bigger where we could do more 'activities' but being in a small town prevents most of that. On the opposite side of that coin is the fact that we will make our own fun. We have already got our costumes going and Lexi and I have decided to be 'hippies' and B is going to be a gangster.
I made this bark yesterday mostly because I wanted to play with my camera and thought the colors would be cool. The smell of the warm chocolate and pretzels was strong to me. Deliciously strong. I put the bark in the freezer and I think the 'sweat' kinda distracts from the pics but I still thought they were neat.
Halloween Bark
1 pkg white chocolate chips
16-20 Halloween Oreos.... chopped (I had to drive 2 hrs to get these babies!)
1 - 1.5 cups Peanut M&M's
1 cup chopped pretzels
1 cup candy corn
optional.... 1/2 cup raisins
Melt chocolate over double boiler. Pour onto wax lined sheet. Include goodies, press down with another piece of wax paper. Freeze or refrigerate. Break into pieces once set.

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