Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chocolate Armagnac Cake - Adapted

Chocolate Snickers Cake (Brownie)

The selection this week for the Tuesdays with Dorie group was Chocolate Armagnac Cake on pg 279 chosen by Lyb of And Then I do the Dishes. The entire ORIGINAL recipe can be found on her site. 

The story behind the cake is cute and being a girl who was fired for being spectacular I have a great big smile because getting fired isn't always a horrible thing. Although the cake sounded good I am not a fan of prunes or the fact that I had no idea what Armagnac was I decided to adapt the recipe to fit us. So I came up with hopes of a dense chocolatey snickers cake. I surprised myself and they turned out pretty good. Still dense and moist but more of a brownie flavor and sweetness, which made me decide to not put any additional diabetes on these babies and leave them naked. I used the mini snickers combo bag with dark, regular, and almond snickers, cut them into small pieces and used them as a mix in in the end. I also used all AP flour and not ground pecans, added 4 more Tbsp of butter and used cocoa powder not chopped chocolate. Whew!!! it is adjusted and turned out great. Dense.... not an descriptive word usually thought of well but it is this time. 


Megan said...

It sounds like a fabulous adaptation to me!It just looks so....chocolatey.

chocolatechic said...

Brilliant addition.

I heart Snickers.

pinkstripes said...

How creative and brave! Looks yummy though.

Tracey said...

Great ideas - it looks delicious!

Teanna said...


TeaLady said...

That is definitely a great variation. Yummyyyyy!!!