Friday, January 9, 2009

Catchn' Up

Catchn' Up!

Do you ever feel like time is passing by so quickly that you can't stop it. This has been my feeling over the past few months. I finally have my husband home for longer than 3.4 stinky weeks and it has been amazing. I have fallen off the bloggosphere but have been able to rekindle and get to know him again so to speak. We live such different lives 1/4 of the year we are together and 3/4 we aren't. We have had so much fun this vacation; although it has come at a price for him. He is here on medical and of course the Dr's here can't determine whats wrong. I am shocked!! For those out there who don't know me I was diagnosed with kidney failure at 21 yrs old and suffered with less than descent medical care for about 5 years and finally found an angel in Arizona who "cured" me so speak. Basically I am just saying I have very little faith in medicine and wished we could find someone to help him the same way I was helped. 

We took a road trip to Indiana to see my husband's parents this Thanksgiving and had the best time. It was a great time and we really needed to see them. The drive was long and so pretty. I have lived in the same house since I was 3 and let me tell ya...I don't get out near enough. The midwest is pretty y'all. Really loved the trees. I was a huge baby about the cold however. We had a wonderful time 

I have been working at getting my house all together so that I can get back to baking and playing. I have been missing cooking so bad and my pictures have suffered too. I am getting back to the tuesday's group and my iron cupcake challenge. Totally excited about all that!

Hope each of you had a great holiday and I will be keeping up better...

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