Wednesday, January 6, 2010

EAS AdvantEDGE Protein Bars Reviewed

On my new endeavor to eat more and get quality food inside me I have found these wonderful EAS bars. First, I love the EAS product line. I have consumed mass amounts of protein shakes from them on a daily basis for over a year. If you are afraid of carbs, as I am, these are the shakes and bars for you. They don't have that ridiculously gross "protein" flavor that most supplements do. If you take the shakes and mix them with ice and a tsp of espresso powder...BAM... Mocachino! As for the bars, they are higher in carbs but only 2 sugars. So if you are looking for an energy pick me up to help you get that run in....these are for you. These babies are awesome, tasteful, and cheap. I also had the chocolate peanut butter bar and the brownie chocolate chip bar; equally delicious. Here is the cookies and cream bar for viewing pleasure....

Nutritional Info: 1 bar
Cal 230 (yes, I know this is a bit high but it will keep you full)
Fat 8
Carb 25
Fiber 5
Sugar 2 (2 ONLY 2!)
Protein 17

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