Sunday, January 3, 2010


I can't believe it is already time to start a new year! With this new year I have high hopes for many things. First is to get back to my blog, yes, I know everyone is so excited!!! I can't say how much fun I had with this and have gotten much to far from the things I enjoy over the past year. I am restarting my exercise program that made me so stupidly, blissfully, irritating. I started P90x and running again. This time I am going to track my food and do a better job of eating more. I sadly discovered over the past three days that I am only consuming about 500 calories a day, which may be why my metabolism is so jacked up. I am also pledging to no longer keep people in my life that are not nice to me or don't want to put into relationships the same effort that I do. I have never been good at making, having, or keeping friends. But, I have also kept people in my life that didn't need to be. I have tried to make relationships with many people and family members that never cared enough about me to even be that of an acquaintance. This does make me sad but why continue to want people in my life who don't want to be there.

And lastly, I am going to take more time to enjoy life and be thankful for all the greatness that surrounds me. I have quit a crappy job where people aren't nice or caring or smart, which is kinda important in nursing, and I am embarking on a new field of nursing that I have always wanted to learn. I am going to be more patient and kind and loving to those who have decided I am important to them and worth loving. I am not going to waste time with regret or anger. And perhaps have a piece of chocolate now and again!

So, I am back, Finally! And so get your comments ready and send them my way, I'm waiting!

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