Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The definition of a bread and cake to describe this cake was exactly right. That was the first comment that my husband made upon tasting the Kugelhopf. He said...it's like bread inside with a cake crust. So that means I must have baked this one right. I am currently on a "No Sugar, No Flour" torment so I did not get the opportunity to taste test but I could smell the yeasty bread smell strongly. My husband is home on medical and so I am doing my best to bake things I think he will like so we decided to make the Kugelhopf without the raisins because he is a plain eater so those were omitted...that being said; he actually thought the cake was TOO plain. Something I hardly ever hear from him. We then experimented with adding a simple syrup on top...and not enjoying that much we added Maple syrup. None were big hits. I think in the morning making toast might be the best bet...with an added butter and cinnamon sugar combo.

I will say that I am loving this group and feeling like I can bake and then experiment to see what we like the best. My house has so many different taste buds that someone is usually happy in the end.

I don't know if I will ever bake the Kugelhopf again as I thought it was a labor intensive, time consuming project. I am glad I got the chance to make it though.

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pinkstripes said...

Your kugelhopf looks great! I can't believe you didn't taste it. No sugar no flour--that's the ultimate torture.